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Optimus was born from an obsession with solid, base engineering principles. Its beginning was heavily influenced by the work of Dr. Al Vaillant, who thought in numbers and engineering principles always. A journey commenced of understanding, implementing and teaching the science behind the process. Dr. Vaillant’s groundbreaking work on analytical rotary kiln process methodology drove us to pick up the torch and advance the effort. We used the same technique/engineering principles but paired it with new technological advancements to create unique, sound solutions for our customers. Our special recipe for bringing you the best engineering solutions, however, doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves on customer service and find it just as important as, and essential to, getting to the root of a problem.

One thing we discovered, putting sound engineering methodology into practice, was that there was a good amount of untapped opportunity when it came to new technology. We found because of the common “this is the way we’ve always done it,” mindset, there were useful tools not being applied to the rotary equipment industry. Shifting our outlook to finding innovative ways to utilize some of these up and coming technological advancements, we achieved victories with our customers by pairing tried and true engineering with fresh technology. Some of these achievements include 3D printed flight simulations, Bluetooth instrumentation with strain gauge to measure crack stress and cutting edge FEA technology on new issues/problems. All this works in harmony though because we put engineering first, allowing us to use technology practically. The emphasis is not just on the latest and greatest technology, but instead on the technology that makes sense coupled with the engineering solutions.

Solving problems with the most assiduous, educated engineers and best technology is only part of the equation though. We truly believe the cornerstone of our mission is our customer service. Often underestimated in the world of engineering, we maintain that excellent customer service is essential and must be practiced diligently. No small part of customer service is listening. We never assume we know the best solution to your problem before we’ve listened to you, investigated and given the problem the time and thought it deserves. The truth of the matter is, we must be right when it comes to solving your problems but being right is a lot harder achieved without your input and insight.

Optimus’ existence centers around not only solving your problem through scientific provable data, but also in establishing a lasting, trusting relationship with you. And that, we think, is the art of arts.