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Optimus Solutions offers Steam Tube Dryer Performance Audits. A unique service both because it is novel and not offered elsewhere, but also because we draw on over 100 years of experience from our sister company, Louisville Dryer Company.

A Steam Tube Dryer Performance Audit would ideally be performed yearly and takes a close look at your internals. Understanding the health of your steam tube dryer is critical in planning shut downs and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

How a Steam Tube Dryer Performance Audit Progresses:
  • Conference call to discuss details about your steam tube dryer(s) and answer any pertinent questions
  • Safety Training
  • Visual Inspection of the Steam Tube Dryer
  • Information recorded to develop heat and mass balance
The Deliverables:

You will receive a write-up with findings and recommendations for improvements. Additionally, a heat and mass balance is included with every Steam Tube Dryer Performance Audit. The information included in the report will help you better plan your next shutdown and circumvent any unneeded downtime.

Information We Need to Quote:

If you are available for a conference call, we should be able to iron out all the necessary details to get a site visit scheduled.

Thermal Scan of Steam Tube Dryer
Steam Tube Dryer

Steam Tube Dryer Sample Report


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