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The combustion system, whether it be on a kiln or a dryer, is the heart of your rotary equipment process. Knowing the baseline operation of your combustion system helps with fuel savings, production and quality.

A Combustion Performance Audit is a one-day onsite assessment of the combustion system on direct heat/direct fired dryers, kilns or calciners. A Combustion Performance Audit is performed by a trained Burner Specialist and includes more than a traditional tune-up, focusing on providing data that helps you determine your baseline and achieve success through optimal heat transfer. A heat and mass balance is included with every Combustion Performance Audit.

Remember, YOU are the expert in your process. We’re here, with our rotary equipment expertise, to guide you down a path of reaching your process goals through scientific data.

How a Combustion Performance Audit Job Progresses:
  • Conference call to determine how to approach your Combustion Performance   Audit. This is not a cookie cutter service: it is unique to your equipment and process.
  • Safety training
  • Walkthrough of system with brief inspection
  • Combustion Analysis
    • O2%
    • CO ppm
    • NOx ppm
    • CO2%
  • Tune burner if applicable
  • Retake Combustion Analysis
  • Record process information for Heat & Mass Balance
    • Feed Rate (tons/hr)
    • Production Rate (tons/hr)
    • Moisture Content In (%)
    • Moisture Content Out (%)
    • Inlet Gas Temperature (°F)
    • Exhaust Gas Temperature (°F)
    • Feed Temperature (°F)
    • Product Temperature (°F)
The Deliverables:
You will receive a write-up with findings and recommendations for improvements and “next steps,” for your burner system. Additionally, your heat and mass balance on your rotary dryer will include information on energy usage, energy breakdown, and moisture/energy ratio.
Information We Need From You to Quote:
  • Burner Specification
  • Burner Make and Model
  • Fuel Type
  • Combustion Fan Specifications
  • Induced Draft (ID) Fan Specifications
  • Process Material
  • Rotary Dryer Diameter, Length and Slope
  • Rotary Dryer Make and Model


We are excited to help you optimize your rotary equipment process to the fullest of its potential.

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