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Continuous rotary processes that require the removal of moisture from the raw material would be considered a drying system. Drying systems have a multitude of rotary designs such as steam tube rotary dryers, direct heated rotary dryers, direct fired rotary dryers, indirect heated, etc. Internally in these systems, there are structures such as flights, dams, mixers, trefoils, and many others depending on the particular material and process. In order to better understand the science behind these processes, a mass and energy balance sheet of the system should be created. As for flighting designs related to lifters, maximum veiling is the goal and enhances heat transfer from the gas stream to the material. A flighting analysis would be used to analyze this system. The field of expertise of Optimus Solutions can be utilized to be expanded further into problems related to emissions/EPA compliance, energy efficiency, production/capacity increase, and higher quality.

• Mass and Energy Balance

-What it is

• Balance of airflow, combustion, and materials going in and out of the rotary dryer

-Why is it important

• This is a diagnostic service that will give insight on how the dryer is functioning and show any problems related to emissions, fuel consumption, production, and quality.

• Flighting Evaluation

-What it is

• Analysis to show how material falls or veils from the dryer internals

-Why is it important

• Understanding how materials fall in a dryer will lead to better veiling which subsequently improves heat transfer between the air and material

• Example Measurements

-Thermal Images

-Thermal Videos


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