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A baghouse is usually composed of many long, slender bags that are hanging upside down in a large enclosure. The purpose of a baghouse is to remove particulate matter from the air by passing dust ridden air up through the bag, trapping the dust in the bag, and then forcing clean air out through the top of the bag. A baghouse is a critical path item. Meaning, if your baghouse is down, your operation is down. A baghouse works to remove moisture while your combustion system works to heat material so that satisfactory drying is achieved.

Process Audit & Training

Air System Size and Performance

We can determine if the size of your baghouse for your current product production and volume is appropriate.

Preheating & Temperature Operating Profile

Proper start-up procedures ensure the protection of your equipment and optimize your production. We can help define startup procedures that meet what is necessary to achieve these goals.

Production Load Shifts

If your production is steady or erratic let us get your operation to a steadier state.

Filter Media (Bags): Selection & Sizing

  • Air to Cloth Ratio
  • Air Velocity

Pressure Management

Are there correct pressure drops at the correct processing points? We can look at these critical points and help manage pressure to maximize efficiency in operation.

Temperature Management

Are you having difficulty with temperature management? Let us step in and adjust your temperature to meet the needs of your operation.

System Sizing

Our team of rotary equipment and baghouse experts can size your system needs and compare it to what you are running.


We are excited to help you optimize your rotary equipment process to the fullest of its potential.

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