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Get Support Your Team Needs with an Initial Consulatation

Sometimes there are glitches in your process or problems that need a little investigation, but not to the extent that you’d see with a service like a Process Audit. In these cases, an Initial Consultation service is a great option for anyone that has a process question that is complicated and would benefit from a one-day site visit.

How an Initial Consultation Job Progresses:


  • Conference call to discuss how to approach your initial consultation with consideration given to the issues you are encountering prompting the initial consult
  • Safety Training
  • Engineer comes on-site for one day to scope out issues
    The Deliverables:

    You will receive a write-up with findings and recommendations for improvements and “next steps,” to tackle you process issues. A schematic may be included, but calculations are not included in initial consults.  

    Information We Need to Quote:

    As long as you are available for a conference call, we should be able to iron out all the necessary details to get a site visit scheduled.

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    We are excited to help you optimize your rotary equipment process to the fullest of its potential.

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