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Our Commitment

Optimus is committed to helping our customers understand their equipment and therefore make informed process decisions. We do this each and every day when connecting with our customers about issues they’re facing. However, we especially enjoy the chance to interact and educate our customers through classroom contact and webinars. We offer a number of opportunities for engagement and learning with the Optimus team and we invite you to explore them! 

Optimus Institute (OPSI) – Louisville, KY

Optimus Institute (OPSI) takes place at our Louisville, KY training facility. We currently offer kiln, dryer and ball mill related process courses that are tailored to specific equipment. For example: steam tube dryer, direct heat dryer, calcining classes, etc.

Examples of Topics Covered for Kiln and Dryer Courses

  • Moisture Heat Transfer
  • Air Flow
  • Material Flow
  • Baghouses
  • Seals
  • Flighting Systems
  • Aerodynamics
  • Residence Time
    + More

Examples of Topics for Ball Mill Courses

  • Grinding Media
    • Movement
    • Action
    • Impact
    • Shape
    • Size
    • Composition
  • Mill Speed
  • Troubleshooting
    + More
At Your Place (OPSI at Customer Site)
Not an option to travel to Louisville, KY right now or have a large number of people you want to participate? No problem. We can bring our OPSI training course to you and your team. We can cover the entire OPSI syllabus or we can zero in on specific topics of interest.

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At Both of Our Places (Virtually)
Virtual training, offered through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or GoToMeeting, is another great option for those who have restrictions at their plants due to Covid-19 or who wish to break up the course into multi sessions.

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OPSI (Louisville, KY) vs. OPSI at Your Company Site/Virtual Benefits

On the fence about what training in best for you? Here’s our take…

OPSI Benefits

Class Diversity:
You’ll get to hear about different problems, contrasting solutions, and you’ll have the opportunity to network with those in your industry and other industries.

Lecture Leads to Hands-On:
Our lectures pair perfectly with our hands-on labs where you’ll get to put into practice everything you’ve learned in the course.

Dedicated Facility:
We have a facility that is devoted entirely to training and executing the labs. Mistakes are OK! If the unit gets messed up, you’ll can just start over.

A Little Bit of Everything:
Great mixture of lecture, hands-on, and hospitality. The trainers are accessible even after the class is over. Conversations can continue throughout the week.

Hang With the Rotary and Plant Processing Equipment Experts:
The learning doesn’t have to stop with the lectures and labs. You’ll spend the week with numerous experts and have the chance to pick their brains!

Free from Distractions:
Two Concentrated days of training with no plant interruptions!

Customer Site/Virtual Benefits

More Participation From Your Facilities:
Since we’re coming to you (in person or via computer), you’ll be able to send more of your personnel through the class.

Tailored To Your Equipment:
Discussions and scenarios can center around your specific equipment.

For Your Company Only:
You don’t have to share the attention of other industries or companies.

Lots of options for customization and the class can be adapted based on your requests.

Online technology allows lectures from a variety of experts!

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We offer a variety of live, FREE webinars that are then uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Get familiar with a topic before intense training or refresh topics after training!


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