the science

behind the process.


Optimus Solutions has the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot combustion system and burner issues. By investigating to find the root cause, we can drill down to what the actual problem is. Oftentimes, we find that the cause of the issue doesn’t lie with the combustion system or burner at all, but rather at another point in your process. Allowing us to come in and properly diagnose gives you all the information necessary to determine how you’d like to proceed to address the problem.

Troubleshooting for Burners

We approach troubleshooting for burners differently depending on whether the burner is still up and running or not. If the burner is still running, we will start with a Combustion Analysis service. If the burner has stopped working, we will begin by investigating the burner control system. Troubleshooting for burners likely will lead into a Fuel and Air Optimization.

Troubleshooting for Instrumentation

The key to troubleshooting your instrumentation lies in finding and understanding the design paraments and determining whether or not the burner has some involvement in the problem, or another piece of equipment does. We look “downstream,” to see if there is an influence on the instrumentation elsewhere.

Troubleshooting for Process Performance Issues

Combustion and Airflow systems are the heart of your process. If something is amiss in your production, an examination of your process will inevitably lead to a look at your combustion and airflow system. For this, we recommend beginning with a Heat and Mass Balance.

Troubleshooting the Fuel Train

Troubleshooting on the fuel train of your combustion system starts with determining what your manufacturers recommendations and system requirements are.

Troubleshooting the Pilot

The pilot is small but could be varied. Common problems with the pilot include dirt getting in and valves failing, wrong air/fuel mixtures, misalignment of the pilot, and misalignment of the flame scanner. Optimus Solutions can determine all of the problems above and more as well as service and provide replacement pilots.