the science

behind the process.

Burner Tune-Up

Properly calibrated burners save money in the long run. The cost of a yearly burner tune up doesn’t compare to the money and production loss of a burner that is not tuned correctly. Regular tune ups ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption, better production output, increase safety, decrease maintenance costs, and reduce negative impact on the environment. We have hundreds of years of combined experience tuning and auditing burner systems on rotary kilns, dryers, and hot oil heaters including First Thermal Heaters, across all industries.

A burner tune up is typically a one-day site visit. You can expect us to spend some time learning from you the observed behavior of your rotary unit and concerns as well as production expectations versus reality before we arrive on site. Once we’re on site, the burner tune up progresses in the following way:

  • Safety training
  • Walkthrough of system
  • Burner Measures – Analysis of Combustion Products
  • Airflow measures if applicable
  • Take PPM measurements
  • Burner Mechanical Check
  • Check Safety if Applicable
  • Visual Inspection of Burner
  • Inspect fuel train
  • Record process information
  • Determine if adjustments can be made to improve the system
  • Metrics of the burner can be recorded to determine if improvements were made
  • Summarize findings with you

If we find a problem during the tune up and can solve that problem immediately, we will. After leaving site, you can expect a written report with suggestions of repairs that can be made during your next shutdown. Improving the performance of your burner is often overlooked, but an easy way to reduce the money you’re spending on fuel and increase your production. Optimus Solutions recommends a yearly burner inspection for your kiln or dryer.