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Kiln Axis Survey

The New Hot Kiln Alignment

A join service between Optimus Solutions and Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group

The Weight of Measurements

Knowledge of specific measurements on your rotary kiln gives you the power to determine issues, assess the severity of the problems, identify the root causes and ultimately eliminate any future issues. Our Kiln Axis Survey (KAxS) delivers these measurements through the hands of our specially trained KAxS team and fit for purpose software. The end result is a comprehensive and robust report that is verified by our team of engineers. Who, by the way, don’t just leave you hanging. Our engineers are available and prepared to walk through the engineering report with you and help you make the most informed and beneficial decision for your rotary kiln.

Tire Creep

Excessive creep causes shell flexing which in turn increases shell stress and wear on tire/riding ring stops. Zero creep can “coke bottle” which leads to permanent deformation in the shell.

Kiln Axis Alignment

A misaligned rotary kiln causes multiple shell issues. Among these issues are tires/riding rings that do not rotate about a straight axis, an increase in shell stress, and worst case scenario, circumferential cracks which have the potential to cut the kiln in half.

Shell Ovality

An out-of-round shell that has high ovality can lead to refractory failure, an increase in stresses on the shell, and an uptick of shell crack propagation.

Support Roller Base Slopes

Support roller base slopes that have settled or grout that has become loose could potentially cause the foundation to disintegrate. More commonly, it can cause increased wear on all to the rotary kiln components and the system.

Kiln Axis Survey (KAxS) is the new Hot Kiln Alignment


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