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Load Studies

A load study is an analysis that determines the force on tires, rollers, and shell. Weight considerations involve refractory, liners, steam tubes, gear, shell, etc.

The Deliverable

Load Study

An analysis that determines the force on tires, rollers, and shell

Information included:

A load study may be a good option if you have the following questions…

  • If I add weight onto the unit, such as more refractory, chains, dimensional changes
    • How do I know the tires, rollers, shell can handle the added weight?
  • Tire size change
    • What is the impact on the long term stress
  • Bearing overload
    • Is weight a factor in overloaded bearing
  • Insurance approval
    • When adding more weight, does it stay under design threshold to get insurance approval

Great for kilns, dryers, calciners, and other rotary processing equipment!

Experienced Professional Service

Just some of the concerns a load study may address…

“We switched from 6″ refractory to 9” refractory, what is the consequence of the additional weight?

“The transition from heavy section to thin section worries me, is my shell sufficiently designed to handle that?

“We’ve formed a ring inside our kiln, how does that impact the load on the system?

“We’ve been experiencing high thrust problems, are we overloading the spherical roller bearings?

“We want to increase capacity from 30 tons/hr to 60 tons/hr, can the system handle the additional weight?

“My tire may have a crack, do I need to replace the tire?

How a Load Study Job Progresses

  • Engineering Time – Office
    • A load study will be performed
      • Using beam analysis methodology, all relevant weights need to be considered
      • Weights include geometry and materials of the following: shell, tires, internals such as flights, trefoils, refractory, and satellite coolers
    • Load study results show the reactive forces at each tire and the deflection of the shell before and after each tire

Information We Need From You to Quote

We will collect all the information we need on a conference call with you regarding your load study. Call us today to inquire!