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behind the process.


Combustion tune-up and repair as well as parts replacement with second to none customer service!


We provide both cold drum surveys (DATscan), hot alignment surveys (Kiln Axis Survey), and any other custom mechanical measures needed.

Hot Oil Heaters

We service and repair any brand, age, or source of manufacturer of hot oil heaters. Additionally, we are the exclusive service provider of First Thermal Heaters.

Trusted Partner of Industrial Kiln & Dryer

Optimus Solutions is a field engineering company dedicated to providing excellent, customer focused technical services. Our areas of expertise include combustion, alignment surveys, process audits, and advanced engineering techniques such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and 3D printed modeling. Our catalogue of services continues to grow with demand and our drive to provide the most innovative solutions to our customers. We specialize in rotary equipment such as kilns, dryers, ball mills as well as have an essential understanding of hot oil heaters such as First Thermal Heaters, for which we are the exclusive service provider. One of our core beliefs is to tackle tough problems with fundamental engineering principles that we refer to as “First Principles.” The goal is to gather information and communicate as factually and neutrally as possible so customers can make an informed decision on the best path forward.

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