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Optimus Solutions is a process engineering consulting business focused on the science behind the process. We have expertise in process services related to rotary kilns, rotary dryers, ball mills, and other rotary equipment. We got our start by responding to request after request for help from individuals that were given the responsibility for the process and need help in meeting emissions standards, reducing energy consumption, improving product quality and increasing process capability.

In our network, we have an extensive depth of experts that have experience in processes such as lime, lime recovery (pulp and paper), lightweight aggregate (LWA), iron ore reduction, cement, hazardous waste incineration, petroleum coke (petcoke), and much more. With our methodology which is grounded in basic energy conservation laws, baseline mathematical model of the heat and mass balance of any process system can be derived and built for each customer needs. We welcome the toughest and most peculiar problems in the industry.

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